SAExploration, Inc. Overtime Lawsuit Notice to Past and Present SAExploration, Inc. Employees

Attorneys Daniel Pace and Kenneth Legacki filed a class action lawsuit against SAExploration, Inc. in Alaska, representing past and current employees who were not compensated for their overtime. The purpose of the lawsuit is to recover past overtime wages for employees who were paid a daily rate, but not paid overtime for hours worked in excess of 8 hours per day or 40 hours in a week.

If you have worked for, or are currently working for, SAExploration, Inc. in Alaska, between May 2015 to present day, you may be owed overtime compensation.

We recommend that you contact us immediately at (907)-222-4003 to discuss your eligibility.

Who is Eligible to Join the SAExploration, Inc. Lawsuit?

All employees who have worked in Alaska for SAExploration, Inc. and have been paid a daily rate, between May 2015 to present day. Please give us a call to discuss your eligibility regarding this lawsuit. We will provide you with an assessment of your potential damages. Call our Anchorage, Alaska Office today at (907)-222-4003.

SAExploration, Inc. Lawsuit: Case Information

Attorney Daniel Pace and co-counsel Kenneth Legacki represent the plaintiffs in this case. The lawsuit was filed in May of 2017 and is currently pending in Anchorage, Alaska, Case No. 3AN-17-06901CI.

On March 11, 2019, the court denied plaintiffs' request to proceed as a class action, because individual proof is needed to determine hours worked and damages.

You must take action if you wish to recover the overtime you may be owed. This can be accomplished by joining this lawsuit, filing a separate lawsuit, or filing a claim with the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Wage and Hour Division.

Complete the contact form to the right, or call our office today to speak with our office about your options, (907)-222-4003.