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If You Work Over 40 Hours, You Should Be Paid Time-and a-Half

Your employer should pay you for the time you spend working and for the work-related duties you perform. However, many employers may cut corners or otherwise ignore both state and federal laws governing the payment of wages. At Pace Law Offices, our Anchorage lawyer handles matters involving wage and hour discrepancies for all types of workers. We are committed to helping you assert your rights and to helping you recover the money to which you are entitled.

We Handle A Wide Range Of Wage And Hour Dispute Cases

Wage and hour disputes can occur in any number of situations, including those involving:

  • Minimum wage payments
  • Length of pay periods
  • Overtime
  • Commissions
  • Breaks

The amount of money that is lost can quickly add up, especially if workers across the company are experiencing such discrepancies. Our attorney will thoroughly investigate your situation to help ensure that you recover what you are owed.

Exempt And Nonexempt Employees

Wage and hour disputes often occur in cases where employees are classified as either exempt or nonexempt. Nonexempt classifications are used in the case of employees who are paid by the hour. Employers are required to pay these employees overtime and to provide them with rest/meal breaks. Exempt employees are those who earn a salary. Overtime does not have to be paid to exempt employees and they may have to work through meal breaks.

Far too often employers classify workers as exempt when, under the law, they should be treated as nonexempt employees. We can review your job duties and let you know how you should be classified under the law. If you are the victim of a misclassification, we can help you assert your rights to ensure that you are properly paid for the duties you perform.

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