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How Our Office Can Help Whistleblowers

Fraud Claims are Complex

There are many different types of fraud against both the federal and state government. Whether it is within the health care industry (such as kickbacks and referrals) to contractor fraud (bribes) and environmental fraud, whistleblower claims are complex. There can be multiple acts of fraud committed by one individual or business entity. As an employee and private citizen who is aware of such actions, it is very important that the first thing you do is seek a law firm that can help you.

At Pace Law Offices in Anchorage, Alaska, we provide personalized and dedicated employee counsel for all types of issues. In particular, we fight for the rights of whistleblowers. Whether it is in the qui tam lawsuit or against the employer in a retaliation claim, we are there for our clients with the seasoned and knowledgeable legal counsel they require.

What To Do If You Suspect Government Fraud

Aside from hiring a skilled attorney immediately, other steps you can take in the meantime, include:

  • Gathering relevant documents such as emails, pictures and any other files that could be used as evidence
  • Keeping track of any actions by your employer if you find them to be negative or a form of retaliation (this also includes keeping documentation and even a journal to keep track of events)
  • Ongoing monitoring of your employer's actions, even if they have stopped the alleged fraud

Talk to our law office today to find out how we can help you. If you are unsure of whether you have a claim, we encourage to still reach out to us. We can help determine in a confidential consultation whether your case has any merit.

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Take action immediately if you have witnessed or believe your employer is engaging in behavior that is defrauding the government. Pace Law Offices is located in Anchorage, Alaska. Our attorney is ready to help you with experienced whistleblower counsel. Contact us online to schedule your appointment. You can also call us at (907) 222-4003.

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