Protecting Individuals From Creditor Harassment

Your Rights Under The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Are You Being Illegally Harassed By Collection Agencies?

Collection agencies often rely upon unethical or even illegal tactics to pressure debtors into paying the amount of debt that they claim is owed. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Alaska Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act place restrictions on the manner in which collectors can pursue debtors. At Pace Law Offices, we represent individuals whose consumer rights have been violated by aggressive and overbearing collection agencies or creditors.

Debt Collectors and Unethical Practices

Debt collectors and creditors are not allowed to use intimidation through verbal abuse, lies, threats, acts of violence, misrepresentation of the debt or other unethical tactics to coerce debtors into paying. There are also strict time requirements framing when collectors can call.

Debt collectors must comply with the state and federal regulations of the state in which the debtor lives. These collection agencies are often located throughout the country and make calls to locations all over the United States, unaware of state-specific laws. This often results in violations of debtors' rights.

Across the country, collectors are not allowed to contact a debtor under any circumstances after the debtor has hired an attorney. From that point forward, the collection agency must work directly with the debtor's lawyer.

Any violations of these guidelines, abuse or illegal contact with the debtor can allow the debtor to turn the situation around and seek statutory damages from the collector, under collection laws.

Debtors should also know that as they seek to take legal action against collectors or put an end to the harassment, the case will be handled on a contingency basis. Any attorney fees that are accumulated must be paid by the collector, under fair debt collection laws.

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